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Leukemia. 1995 Oct;9(10):1667-73.

Direct evidence for the participation of bcl-2 in the regulation by retinoic acid of the Ara-C sensitivity of leukemic stem cells.

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Ontario Cancer Institute, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada.


All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) increases the sensitivity of AML blast cells to cytosine arabinoside (Ara-C) or daunorubicin (DNR) when ATRA is given after drug. We have proposed that down-regulation of bcl-2 is part of the mechanism by which ATRA regulates drug sensitivity. To test this hypothesis cDNA encoding bcl-2 was transfected into cells of the continuous lines OCI/AML-2 and OCI/AML-5. Four transfectant lines were isolated; three contained transfected bcl-2 in the sense orientation (AML5-BCL2sa, AML5-BCL2sb and 2-bcl2) and one with anti-sense bcl-2(AML5-bcl2as). The presence of the transfected gene was demonstrated by Northern blot; translation of the sense transfected genes into protein was demonstrated by Western blotting. Lines with sense-oriented transfected bcl-2 were significantly less sensitive to Ara-C or H2O2 than the parental lines; the cells with anti-sense transfected genes were more sensitive than their parent but the difference did not reach statistical significance. The effect of ATRA on bcl-2 expression was compared in sense-transfected cells and their parents; by Northern blotting it was shown that the endogenous but not the transfected genes were down-regulated after ATRA exposure. The capacity of cells with transfected genes to respond to ATRA was tested by obtaining Ara-C survival curves for ATRA-treated cells. Compared to controls not exposed to ATRA, the transfected cells showed little or statistically insignificant changes in Ara-C sensitivity after ATRA treatment. We conclude that data from the transfectants provides evidence that expression of bcl-2 is a determinant of sensitivity to Ara-C and H2O2; and that the effect of ATRA on sensitivity requires the presence of bcl-2 genes in association with regulatory elements.

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