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FEBS Lett. 1995 Sep 25;372(2-3):253-8.

The functioning of the SRP receptor FtsY in protein-targeting in E. coli is correlated with its ability to bind and hydrolyse GTP.

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Department of Molecular Microbiology, Institute of Molecular Biological Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


In this study, we have established that FtsY, the E. coli homolog of the mammalian signal recognition particle (SRP) receptor, is a GTP-binding protein which displays intrinsic GTPase activity. GTP was found to influence the protease sensitivity of FtsY indicative of a conformational change. FtsY mutated in the 4th GTP-binding consensus element displayed reduced GTP-binding and -hydrolysis which correlated with a reduced ability to interact with SRP. Overexpression of the mutant proteins had a stronger inhibitory effect on protein translocation than overexpression of wild-type FtsY. These observations suggest that in E. coli GTP is important for proper functioning of FtsY in protein-targeting.

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