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World J Urol. 1995;13(3):153-8.

Morphological classification of renal cancer.

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Gerhard Domagk-Institute of Pathology, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany.


The current classification of renal-cell adenomas (RCAs) and carcinomas (RCCs) is based on eight basic cell and tumor types (entities) with characteristic morphologic features: (1) RCCs of clear-cell type, (2) RCAs/RCCs of chromophilic-cell type, (3) RCAs/RCCs of chromophobic-cell type, (4) RCCs of duct Bellini type, (5) RCCs of transitional-cell type, (6) RCCs of neuroendocrine type, (7) RCAs of oncocytic type, and (8) RCAs of metanephroid type. Tumors with a proposed histogenesis from the proximal tubule (clear-cell and chromophilic tumors) amount to 85% of renal cancers, whereas tumors with a proposed histogenesis from the connecting tubule/collecting duct (chromophobic-, oncocytic-, and duct Bellini-type tumors) amount to only 11%. The remaining tumor types represent rare entities (less than 1% each). Tumor cytogenetics data confirm the proposed eight morphologic subtypes and give further indications for type-specific tumor development and progression.

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