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J Physiol. 1995 Feb 15;483 ( Pt 1):79-94.

Ca2+ regulation in the presynaptic terminals of goldfish retinal bipolar cells.

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Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo, Japan.


1. To investigate regulation of the intracellular free Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) in presynaptic terminals, the Ca2+ current (ICa) and [Ca2+]i in axon terminals were simultaneously monitored in acutely dissociated retinal bipolar cells under whole-cell voltage clamp. 2. The recovery phase of the Ca2+ transient, which was evoked by activation of ICa, became slower when the Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger was suppressed by removing extracellular Na+. 3. Inhibition of the plasma membrane Ca2+ pump produced by raising extracellular pH to 8.4 increased the basal [Ca2+]i and caused incomplete recovery from the Ca2+ transient. These effects were not observed in orthovanadate-loaded bipolar cells. 4. The Ca2+ transient was not significantly affected by ryanodine, caffeine, thapsigargin, Ruthenium Red or FCCP. Internal Ca2+ stores may not participate in shaping the Ca2+ transient. 5. The ratio of the peak amplitude of the Ca2+ transient to the total amount of Ca2+ influx became smaller as the size of the Ca2+ influx increased. This action was not affected by blockage of Ca2+ transporters in the plasma membrane, or by reduction of the rate of Ca2+ influx. The peak amplitude of the Ca2+ transient seemed to be determined by Ca2+ buffering substances with a positive co-operativity.

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