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Eur J Pharmacol. 1995 Mar 14;275(3):229-33.

Scratching behavior induced by pruritogenic but not algesiogenic agents in mice.

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Department of Applied Biochemistry, Research Institute for Wakan-yaku, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan.


We compared the behavioral effects of treatment with pruritogenic and algesiogenic agents in mice. The animals were given subcutaneous injections of pruritogenic agents, compound 48/80 (3-100 micrograms), substance P (10-300 micrograms) and histamine (3-300 micrograms), and algesiogenic agents, capsaicin (30 and 100 micrograms) and dilute formalin (5 mg of formaldehyde), into the rostral back, and scratching of the injected site by the hind paws was counted. Compound 48/80 and substance P dose dependently elicited the scratching behavior, but histamine, capsaicin and dilute formalin were without significant effects at the doses examined. These results suggest that compound 48/80- and substance P-induced scratching of the injected site is due to itch, but not to pain. The data did not provide support for the idea that histamine produces itch in the mouse.

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