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Neuroreport. 1994 Nov 21;5(17):2325-8.

Nitric oxide promotes seizure activity in kainate-treated rats.

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Zentrum der Physiologie, Universität Frankfurt, Germany.


L-Arginine-derived nitrogen monoxide (NO) formation was determined in different regions of the rat brain during kainate-induced seizures. NO was trapped in vivo as a paramagnetic mononitrosyl-iron diethyldithiocarbamate complex, the concentration of which was determined ex vivo by cryogenic electron spin resonance spectroscopy. Basal NO formation (0.3-0.8 nmol g-1 tissue 30 min-1) was detected in the brain of control rats. In kainate-injected rats NO formation was increased six-fold within 30-60 min in the amygdala/temporal cortex region, and up to 12-fold, though more slowly, in the remaining cortex. The kainate-elicited convulsions and NO formation were attenuated in animals pretreated with either 7-nitroindazole, a specific inhibitor of neuronal NO synthase, or diazepam. These findings identify NO as a proconvulsant mediator in kainate-evoked seizures.

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