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FEBS Lett. 1994 Dec 19;356(2-3):195-8.

Is Zn2+ transported by the mitochondrial calcium uniporter?

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Department of Medical Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland.


Zinc ions were found to inhibit Ca2+ uptake by rat liver mitochondria driven by succinate respiration but not that by a valinomycin-induced membrane potential. Zn2+ at 1 microM or higher concentrations induced a lowering of the membrane potential under the former but not the latter conditions. It is concluded that it is the lowered membrane potential in the presence of Zn2+ that reduces the rate of respiration-driven Ca2+. Ruthenium red was found to inhibit the uptake of Zn2+ but had no influence on its action upon the membrane potential. Zn2+ did not affect the Ruthenium red-insensitive Ca2+ efflux. Ca2+ stimulated the uptake of Zn2+. It is concluded that Zn2+ may be transported by the mitochondrial calcium uniporter but that it may have access to sites required for inhibition of respiration by other routes.

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