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Cell. 1994 Dec 30;79(7):1209-20.

KIF1B, a novel microtubule plus end-directed monomeric motor protein for transport of mitochondria.

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Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology School of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan.


To further elucidate the mechanism of organelle transport, we cloned a novel member of the mouse kinesin superfamily, KIF1B. This N-terminal-type motor protein is expressed ubiquitously in various kinds of tissues. In situ hybridization revealed that KIF1B is expressed abundantly in differentiated nerve cells. Interestingly, K1F1B works as a monomer, having a microtubule plus end-directed motility. Our rotary shadowing electron microscopy revealed mostly single globular structures. Immunocytochemically, KIF1B was colocalized with mitochondria in vivo. Furthermore, a subcellular fractionation study showed that KIF1B was concentrated in the mitochondrial fraction, and purified K1F1B could transport mitochondria along microtubules in vitro. These data strongly suggested that KIF1B works as a monomeric motor for anterograde transport of mitochondria.

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