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J Immunol. 1994 Aug 15;153(4):1858-68.

Targeted lymph node immunization with simian immunodeficiency virus p27 antigen to elicit genital, rectal, and urinary immune responses in nonhuman primates.

Author information

  • 1Department of Immunology, United Medical School, Guy's Hospital, London, United Kingdom.


A s.c. route of immunization was developed in non-human primates, which targets the genitourinary-rectal associated lymphoid tissue. A vaccine consisting of rSIV gag p27, expressed as hybrid Ty virus-like particles (p27: Ty-VLP) was administered in the proximity of the internal iliac lymph nodes. Secretory IgA and IgG Abs to the p27 Ag were elicited in the vaginal, male urethral, rectal and seminal fluids, urine and serum. Two or more immunodominant B cell epitopes were identified within peptides 51-90 and 121-170 of the sequence of p27, using serum or biliary IgA and IgG Abs. CD4+ T cell proliferative responses to p27 were elicited predominantly in the targeted internal iliac, as well as the inferior mesenteric lymph nodes and the spleen, but not in the unrelated lymph nodes. These cells were then studied for helper function in p27 specific B cell Ab synthesis. Specific IgA and IgG Abs were detected in the same lymphoid tissues as those that displayed proliferative responses. However, cross-over reconstitution experiments between splenic and iliac lymph node B and CD4+ T cells suggest that the iliac B cells are essential for specific IgA Ab synthesis, whereas splenic B cells preferentially synthesize IgG Ab. The targeted lymph node (TLN) route of immunization gave comparable B cell, proliferative T cell, and Th cell responses to the vaginal, male genitourinary, and rectal mucosal routes, which were augmented by oral immunization. However, the TLN route induced urinary and seminal fluid sIgA and IgG Abs in addition to genital and rectal Abs. Generating secretory IgA and IgG Abs at the mucosal surfaces, and T and B cell immunity in the regional draining lymph nodes, spleen and circulation by TLN immunization may prevent transmission of virus through the mucosa, dissemination of the virus, and the formation of a latent reservoir of infection.

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