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Int J Cancer. 1994 Jan 2;56(1):153-60.

P-glycoprotein epitope mapping. I. Identification of a linear human-specific epitope in the fourth loop of the P-glycoprotein extracellular domain by MM4.17 murine monoclonal antibody to human multi-drug-resistant cells.

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Laboratorio di Immunologia, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Italy.


A new murine monoclonal antibody (MAb), MM4.17, to human multi-drug-resistant (MDR) cells was found to be reactive in an ELISA with a synthetic 16-amino acid peptide selected from the fourth loop of the P-glycoprotein extracellular domain. Immunohistochemistry indicated that this MAb reacted in human tissues in the same pattern as that previously found with other human-specific MAbs to P-glycoprotein. For a precise definition of the MM4.17 epitope, a peptide library consisting of overlapping 4- to 10-mer residues covering the entire P-glycoprotein-fragment was synthesized on polyethylene pins and tested for MAb binding. The results of this ELISA demonstrated that the MM4.17 epitope is constituted by the continuous-linear TRIDDPET amino-acid sequence (residues 750-757 of the human MDRI-P-glycoprotein). The MAb MM4.17 recognizes only the human MDRI-P-glycoprotein isoform, and excess TRIDDPET peptide blocks the binding of the MAb to MDR variants of CEM cells. These results demonstrate that the amino-acid sequence TRIDDPET from the human MDRI gene represents the first continuous-linear epitope identified in the P-glycoprotein extracellular domain.

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