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Biochem Pharmacol. 1995 Nov 9;50(10):1543-9.

Properties of the reversible K(+)-competitive inhibitor of the gastric (H+/K+)-ATPase, SK&F 97574. I. In vitro activity.

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SmithKline Beecham Research, Frythe, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK.


SK&F 97574 (3-butyryl-4-(2-methylamino)-8-(2-hydroxyethoxy)quinoline), is a potent inhibitor of the (H+/K+)-ATPase in membrane vesicles isolated from porcine gastric mucosa. It inhibits (H+/K+)-ATPase activity in lyophilised vesicles in a kinetically competitive manner with respect to the activating cation, K+, with an inhibition constant (Ki) of 0.46 +/- 0.003 microM. Inhibition of (H+/K+)-ATPase activity is freely reversible. Binding of SK&F 97574 was shown to be mutually exclusive and the previously reported reversible (H+/K+)-ATPase inhibitors, SCH 28080 and MDPQ. Therefore, despite its structural dissimilarity, SK&F 97574 appears to bind to the same lumenal region of the (H+/K+)-ATPase identified as the binding site for these compounds. SK&F 97574 is a weak base (pKa = 6.86), and would therefore be expected to accumulate in the acidic compartment at the lumenal face of the parietal cell. In intact gastric vesicles (which have the lumenal face of the ATPase on the interior), SK&F 97574 inhibited ATP-dependent H(+)-transport with a similar potency to ATPase activity. SK&F 97574 is therefore relatively membrane permeable, and would be predicted to gain access readily to its site of action in vivo. The effect of pH on inhibition of H+/K(+)-ATPase activity by SK&F 97574 is consistent with its being active only in its protonated form. The selectivity of SK&F 97574 for the gastric (H+/K+)-ATPase was tested by examining its ability to inhibit a closely related p-class pump, the (Na+/K+)-ATPase from dog kidney. SK&F 97574 was found to have a 60-fold greater sensitivity for the former enzyme. The (Na+/K+)-ATPase was not inhibited in a K(+)-competitive manner by SK&F 97574, indicating an entirely different, probably nonspecific, mechanism.

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