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Eur J Pharmacol. 1995 Aug 25;282(1-3):235-41.

Comparison of responses of canine pulmonary artery and vein to angiotensin II, bradykinin and vasopressin.

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Department of Pharmacology, Shiga University of Medical Science, Ohtsu, Japan.


Responses to angiotensin II, bradykinin and arginine vasopressin were compared in helical strips of canine pulmonary arteries and veins. Angiotensin II contracted the artery but relaxed the vein strip. The artery contraction was augmented by indomethacin and aspirin and was abolished by losartan. The vein relaxation was not affected by endothelium denudation but was abolished by the cyclooxygenase inhibitors, a prostaglandin I2 synthase inhibitor and losartan. The bradykinin-induced artery relaxation was inhibited by endothelium denudation, NG-nitro-L-arginine (L-NA) or indomethacin and abolished by their combined treatment. The vein relaxation produced by bradykinin was endothelium-independent and was abolished by indomethacin. Vasopressin produced a slight relaxation in the arteries, which was abolished by endothelium denudation and L-NA. The vein relaxation produced by vasopressin was abolished by endothelium denudation and combined treatment with L-NA and indomethacin. It may be concluded that (1) activation of angiotensin AT1 receptor subtype in smooth muscle produces contraction and also relaxation due to prostaglandin I2 release; the former predominates over the latter in the artery, whereas only the latter is operative in the vein, (2) the bradykinin-induced relaxation is due to nitric oxide (NO) from the endothelium and prostaglandin I2 from subendothelial tissues in the artery and solely to prostaglandin I2 in the veins, and (3) the vasopressin-induced relaxation is mediated by endothelial NO in the artery, and NO and prostaglandin I2 in the vein.

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