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J Virol. 1995 Dec;69(12):7472-82.

Redistribution of microtubules and Golgi apparatus in herpes simplex virus-infected cells and their role in viral exocytosis.

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Department of Experimental Pathology, University of Bologna, Italy.


Earlier studies have shown that the Golgi apparatus was fragmented and dispersed in herpes simplex virus 1-infected Vero and HEp-2 cells but not in human 143TK- cells, that the fragmentation and dispersal required viral functions expressed concurrently with or after the onset of DNA synthesis (G. Campadelli-Fiume, R. Brandimarti, C. Di Lazzaro, P. L. Ward, B. Roizman, and M. R. Torrisi, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90:2798-2802, 1993), and that in 143TK- cells, but not Vero or HEp-2 cells, infected with viral mutants lacking the UL20 gene virions were glycosylated and transported to extracellular space (J. D. Baines, P. L. Ward, G. Campadelli-Fiume, and B. Roizman, J. Virol. 65:6414-6424, 1991; E. Avitabile, P. L. Ward, C. Di Lazzaro, M. R. Torrisi, B. Roizman, and G. Campadelli-Fiume, J. Virol. 68:7397-7405, 1994). Experiments designed to elucidate the role of the microtubules and of intact or fragmented Golgi apparatus in the exocytosis of virions showed the following. (i) In all cell lines tested (Vero, 143TK-, BHK, and Hep-2) microtubules underwent fragmentation particularly evident at the cell periphery and then reorganized into bundles which circumvent the nucleus. This event was not affected by inhibitors of viral DNA synthesis. We conclude that redistribution of microtubules may be required but is not sufficient for the fragmentation and dispersal of the Golgi apparatus. (ii) In all infected cell lines tested, nocodazole caused fragmentation and dispersal of the Golgi and a far more extensive depolymerization of the microtubules than was seen in untreated, infected Vero or HEp-2 cells. Taxol precluded the depolymerization of the microtubules and fragmentation of the Golgi in both infected cell lines. Neither nocodazole nor taxol affected the exocytosis of infectious virus from Vero, HEp-2, or 143TK- cells infected with wild-type virus. We conclude that the effects of nocodazole or of taxol are dominant over the effects of viral infection in the cell lines tested and that viral exocytosis is independent of the organization of microtubules or of the integrity of the Golgi apparatus. Lastly, the data suggest that herpes simplex viruses have evolved an exocytic pathway for which the UL20 protein is a component required in some cells but not others and in which this protein does not merely compensate for the fragmentation and dispersal of the Golgi apparatus.

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