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Am J Physiol. 1995 Nov;269(5 Pt 1):E948-59.

Use of R-beta-[1-11C]hydroxybutyrate in PET studies of regional cerebral uptake of ketone bodies in humans.

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Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Pharmacy, Stockholm, Sweden.


A method for determining regional cerebral utilization of ketone bodies in humans is described. After a bolus injection of R-beta-[1-11C]hydroxybutyrate, the time course of the tracer in the brain was measured with positron emission tomography in five healthy volunteers. The regional cerebral blood flow was measured separately. The tracer uptake in the brain could be well described by a single rate constant, indicating that the concentration of unmetabolized ketone bodies in the brain is very low and that transport across the blood-brain barrier is the rate-limiting step. At an average plasma concentration of beta-hydroxybutyrate of 0.043 mumol/ml, the utilization rate was estimated to be 0.48 In accordance with previous animal studies, the utilization rate was found to increase almost linearly with increasing plasma concentration of beta-hydroxybutyrate. Furthermore, the utilization was higher in gray than in white matter. Finally, the ratio between the utilization in the basal ganglia and the brain as a whole was lower for ketone bodies than for glucose.

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