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Virology. 1995 Nov 10;213(2):590-9.

Isolation and characterization of Marek's disease virus (MDV) cDNAs mapping to the BamHI-I2, BamHI-Q2, and BamHI-L fragments of the MDV genome from lymphoblastoid cells transformed and persistently infected with MDV.

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Laboratory of Tumor Virology, Salem-Teikyo University.


We have isolated and sequenced two cDNAs of sizes 2674 and 677 bp from a cDNA library derived from MKT-1, a lymphoblastoid cell line transformed and latently infected with Marek's disease virus (MDV) using probes corresponding to the right-hand end of the BamHI-I2 fragment of the MDV genome. The larger cDNA clone represents an abundant transcript, which extends from the right-hand end of BamHI-I2 to the adjacent BamHI-Q2 and BamHI-L fragments of the MDV genome and contains the Meq (MDV Eco-Q) open reading frame. The smaller cDNA clone represents a spliced transcript containing the putative DNA binding domain of Meq as well as sequences in the BamHI-L region. We prepared a polyclonal antibody against part of the protein sequence of Meq and detected a 44-kDa protein in MKT-1 cells and in cells lytically infected with MDV. In addition, riboprobes corresponding to sequences specific to each cDNA as well as shared sequences between cDNAs detected a number of transcripts in cells either lytically or latently infected with MDV. Our results indicate that the Meq transcriptional unit extends to the BamHI-L fragment and that the transcripts mapping to the right-hand end of the BamHI-I2 and adjacent BamHI-Q2 and BamHI-L fragments are not preferentially expressed during latency.

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