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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1995 Oct 24;215(3):842-8.

Direct measurement of nitric oxide production in platelets: relationship with cytosolic Ca2+ concentration.

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CNRS URA 1482, Université R. Descartes, Faculté de Médecine Necker, Paris, France.


NO production in platelets has been followed by electrochemical detection. It was undetectable in unstimulated platelets and in thrombin or ADP-stimulated platelets, but dose-dependently stimulated by collagen. A production of 5 10(-19) mol/platelet was reached with 9 micrograms collagen. In collagen-stimulated platelets, preincubation with 1 mM L-Arg, D-Arg or L-NMMA increased by 77%, left unchanged or decreased by 63% NO production, respectively. NO production did not parallel cytosolic Ca2+ changes, although it decreased in low Ca2+ medium or when Ca2+ transients were attenuated by intracellular Ca2+ buffer. These results confirm that human platelets can generate NO. They demonstrate that cytosolic [Ca2+], although participating in the regulation of its synthesis, is not the messenger for NO synthase activation. Platelet NO production could become functionally important when collagen fibrils of the sub-endothelium are accessible.

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