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Yeast. 1995 Jul;11(9):873-83.

A 37.5 kb region of yeast chromosome X includes the SME1, MEF2, GSH1 and CSD3 genes, a TCP-1-related gene, an open reading frame similar to the DAL80 gene, and a tRNA(Arg).

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Department of Physiology, Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark.


The complete DNA sequence of cosmid clone p59 comprising 37,549 bp derived from chromosome X was determined from an ordered set of subclones. The sequence contains 14 open reading frames (ORFs) containing at least 100 consecutive sense codons. Four of the ORFs represent already known and sequenced yeast genes: B645 is identical to the SME1 gene encoding a protein kinase, required for induction of meiosis in yeast, D819 represents the MEF2 gene probably encoding a second mitochondrial elongation factor-like protein, D678 is identical to the yeast GSH1 gene encoding gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase and B746 is identical to the CSD3 gene, which plays an as yet unidentified role in chitin biosynthesis and/or its regulation. The deduced amino acid sequence of A550 is 63% identical to the Cc eta subunit of a murine TCP-1-containing chaperonin and more than 35% identical to thermophilic factor 55 from Sulfolobus shibatae, as well as to a number of proteins belonging to the chaperonin TCP-1 family. Open reading frame F551 exhibits homology to two regions of the DAL80 gene located on yeast chromosome XI encoding a pleiotropic negative regulatory protein. In addition, extensive homology was detected in three regions including parts of ORFs A560, B746/CSD3 and the incomplete ORF C852 to three consecutive ORFs of unknown function in the middle of the right arm of chromosome XI. Finally, the sequence contained a tRNA(Arg3) (AGC) gene.

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