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Oral Microbiol Immunol. 1994 Aug;9(4):251-5.

The tet(Q) gene in bacteria isolated from patients with refractory periodontal disease.

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University of Oslo, Norway.


Twenty-two tetracycline-resistant (tetr) anaerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria isolated from periodontal pockets of 12 patients with refractory periodontitis were examined for the presence of the Tet Q determinant by DNA-DNA hybridization. Dot blots of bacterial DNA were tested with an intragenic digoxigenin-labelled tet(Q) probe consisting of a 1.45 kb EcoRI/PvuII fragment from plasmid pNFD13-2. Southern blots of chromosomal DNA digested with the restriction enzyme EcoRI were also examined. The tet(Q) probe hybridized with DNA from 8 of the 22 tetr strains, including 2 Prevotella intermedia strains and one strain each of Prevotella nigrescens, Prevotella loescheii, Prevotella veroralis and Prevotella melaninogenica. The tetr strains of Mitsuokella dentalis and Capnocytophaga ochracea also hybridized with the probe. The lack of discernible plasmid DNA in all the probe-positive isolates suggests that these tetracycline-resistance genes were chromosomally encoded. The probe hybridized with a different size fragment in all the isolates. This study extends the number of species that carry the tet(Q) gene to include several outside the genera Prevotella and Bacteroides.

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