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Oncogene. 1995 Nov 16;11(10):2097-103.

GRB2 and SH-PTP2: potentially important endothelial signaling molecules downstream of the TEK/TIE2 receptor tyrosine kinase.

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Duke University Medical Center, Department of Medicine, Durham, NC 27710, USA.


TEK is a newly cloned receptor tyrosine kinase that is expressed predominantly in the endothelium of actively growing blood vessels. Disruption of TEK function in transgenic mice results in a profound defect in vascular development leading to embryonic lethality. These studies show that TEK signaling is indispensable for the development of the embryonic vasculature and suggest that TEK signaling may also be required for the development of the tumor vasculature. Because the ligand for TEK has not been identified, it has been difficult to study signal transduction by this important endothelial receptor. To circumvent this problem, a soluble TEK kinase domain (GTEKH) was developed which could be easily purified, autophosphorylated, and radiolabeled. Using the autophosphorylated, radiolabeled GTEKH to probe a mouse embryo expression library only two candidate signaling molecules were isolated, SH-PTP2 and GRB2. Autophosphorylated GTEKH associated with GRB2 and SH-PTP2 from endothelial lysates and not with PI3 kinase or PLC gamma. The association of GRB2 and SH-PTP2 with TEK was highly dependent on specific tyrosine residues in the TEK c-tail. These studies identify GRB2 and SH-PTP2 as potentially important mediators of TEK signaling that may trigger crucial endothelial responses during embryonic vascular development and during pathologic vascular growth.

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