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Cell. 1981 Feb;23(2):459-66.

Single extrachromosomal ribosomal RNA gene copies are synthesized during amplification of the rDNA in Tetrahymena.


A novel form of extrachromosomal rDNA has been identified in conjugating Tetrahymena cells. This rDNA consists of 11 kb linear double-stranded DNA molecules, each containing a single rRNA gene copy. The DNA sequence, tandemly repeated CCCCAA (Blackburn and Gall, 1978) found at the termini of extrachromosomal palindromic rDNA (the macronuclear form found in vegetatively growing cells), is also present at the corresponding terminus of the 11 kb rDNA. The other end of this molecule has an extra 0.3 kb segment of DNA covalently attached to the DNA region corresponding to the center of the palindromic rDNA. The kinetics of appearance and synthesis of the 11 kb rDNA early in macronuclear development are consistent with its being an intermediate in rDNA amplification.

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