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Vanadium--toxicity, metabolism, carrier state.


By using the method of radioactive isotopes on albino rats, we studied the rate and degree of absorption of vanadium in to the blood, the time of its retention in the organs and the kinetics of its excretion, the influence of stable vanadium on the generative function and the correlation between the carrier state in workers who are in contact with vanadium in its production and the levels of exposure. Varying rates of absorption in to the blood in dependence on the route of administration, accumulation of vanadium in the kidneys, bone tissue, liver, lungs, placenta, testicles and the mammary gland, predominant elimination by the kidneys during the first two days, the gonodotoxic and embryotoxic effects were established. Correlation was revealed between the content of vanadium in the urine of workers and the levels of exposure.

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