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Hum Genet. 1980;56(2):183-7.

H-Y antigen in X,i(Xq) gonadal dysgenesis: evidence of X-linked genes in testicular differentiation.


Three years ago, we detected H-Y antigen in the white blood cells of a phenotypic female with several of the stigmata of Turner's syndrome, and the mosaic karyotype: 45,X/46,X,i(Xq). We surmised at the time that the isochromosome, i(Xq), may have contained occult Y-Chromosome-derived material. We have now confirmed the presence of H-Y in this patient and we have obtained evidence for the presence of H-Y in four of five other similar patients, all of whom are notable for carrying at least a single cell line with the karyotype 46,Xi(Xq). Although we cannot categorically exclude the presence of Y-chromosomal genes in the cells of these patients, there is no cytogenetic evidence of structural rearrangement involving the Y in any of the cases. Expression of H-Y structural genes are X-situated, or alternatively that they are autosomal and X-regulated. It would follow that the H-Y+ cellular phenotype per se is not a valid marker for the Y-chromosome, and that H-Y genes that have been mapped to the pericentric region of the Y may be regulatory.

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