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Hum Genet. 1980;55(1):81-5.

Cytogenetic evidence for the absence of an inactivated X chromosome in a human female (XX) breast carcinoma cell line.


Barr body staining procedures were applied directly to the chamber slide cultures of female amniotic cells. WI38 fibroblasts, normal female kidney cells, and a human breast carcinoma cell line, Elco. A high frequency of Barr bodies was found in all the normal female control cells; however, no Barr bodies were observed in the Elco cells. By trypsin G-banding analysis, two normal X chromosomes were identified in all Elco cells. The late DNA replication pattern of the cell line was then studied with the terminal BrdU pulse method. Both X chromosomes in the Elco cell line were found to be euchromatic with a characteristic R-banding pattern; no late-replicating X chromosome was observed. The absence of both a Barr body and a late-replicating heterocyclic X chromosome provides strong cytogenetic evidence that an inactivated X chromosome is absent in the human breast carcinoma cells bearing two X chromosomes.

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