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Am J Physiol. 1980 Dec;239(6):G493-6.

Liver extract and its free amino acids equally stimulate gastric acid secretion.


Using intragastric titration in dogs with gastric fistulas, dose-response studies were carried out with liver extract and with a mixture of amino acids that matched the free amino acids found in liver extract. All solutions were adjusted to pH 7.0 and osmolality to 290 mosmol x kg-1. Doses are expressed as the sum of the concentrations of all free amino acids. At each dose studied (free amino acid concentration: 2.8, 5.6, 11, 23, and 45 mM), acid secretion in response to the free amino acid mixture was not significantly different from that of liver extract. The peak response to both liver extract and the free amino acid mixture occurred with the 23-mM dose and represented about 60% of the maximal response to histamine. The serum concentrations of gastrin after liver extract and the amino acid mixture were not significantly different. It is concluded that in dogs with gastric fistula, gastric acid secretion and release of gastrin were not significantly different in response to liver extract and to a mixture of amino acids that simulated the free amino acid content of liver extract.

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