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Anat Rec. 1980 Feb;196(2):191-200.

Dynamic histomorphometry of alveolar bone remodeling in the adult rat.


Alveolar bone normally undergoes remodeling on one side of the socket and modeling on the opposite side as the tooth migrates at a rate of 6.7 micrometer per day. Periodontal ligament width, however, remains constant. Because of this very high turnover rate, this bone is a good model to study bone modeling and remodeling activities. This study was undertaken in order to measure the different cellular events occurring during tooth migration along the alveolar bone of the rat. The histomorphometric measurements performed on this model permitted us to calculate the duration of each phase of the remodeling cycle, i.e., resorption lasts about 1.5 days and reversal about 3.5 days. Since the duration of the forming phase is about 1 day (Guyomard and Baron, '74), the total duration of each remodeling cycle is about 6 days. This time is very short compared to 60--120 days in adult human trabecular bone. Additionally, in this model each osteoclast resorbs 2--4 times its own volume of bone per day. Based on this knowledge, it will be possible to measure accurately the effects of experimental conditions on bone cells and bone remodeling in this rat alveolar bone model.

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