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Cell. 1980 Sep;21(2):495-500.

Nonviral oligonucleotides at the 5' terminus of cytoplasmic influenza viral mRNA deduced from cloned complete genomic sequences.


We obtained influenza viral DNA clones containing sequences derived from cytoplasmic viral mRNA and genomic viral RNA. Sequence analysis of terminal nucleotides of five independentlyisolated viral DNA segments showed that additional oligonucleotides were covalently linked to the 5' terminus of viral mRNA transcripts. The sequences of these additional nucleotides varied among DNA clones of the same gene and of different genes as well. These inserts also varied in length, ranging from 6 to 14 nucleotides. The heterogeneity of these sequences suggests that they were derived originally from cellular RNA molecules. These findings provide evidence that cellular RNA sequences are used to prime influenza viral mRNA transcription in infected cells. In addition, the sequences at both termini of vRNA were fully represented in clone pFV 88, indicating that the cloned DNA contained the complete viral gene coding for the hemagglutinin.

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