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J Protozool. 1980 May;27(2):216-9.

Rapid growth of Acanthamoeba in defined media; induction of encystment by glucose-acetate starvation.


Defined media are described that support 14-20 h generation times for Acanthamoeba castellanii and A. rhysodes in monolayer cultures. The media differ in minor ways from previously described media, but the growth rates are greatly improved over previously reported values. Maximum growth rates were observed for A. castellanii in a complex medium containing 21 amino acids, but near-maximum rates could be achieved in relatively simple media containing 9 amino acids. Growth occurred with 6 amino acids, as reported by others, but generation times exceeded 30 h. Amitosis was a common problem during early subcultures in defined media, defined media by glucose and acetate starvation. The rate of encystment varied with cell density at the time of starvation and was optimal at initial densities of 400-800 amebae/mm2.

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