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Cell Differ. 1980;9(4):229-38.

The formation of mesodermal derivatives after induction with vegetalizing factor depends on secondary cell interactions.


Early amphibian gastrula ectoderm induced with vegetalizing factor for 6 h using the sandwich-method and cultured for up to 12 days, differentiated into mesodermal and endodermal tissues. Explants which were dissociated into single cells after the induction followed by immediate reaggregation and then cultured for 12 days likewise differentiated into mesodermal and endodermal tissues. However, if after induction and dissociation of the tissue, single cells are cultured for 20 h prior to the reaggregation, the reaggregated cell mass mainly differentiated into endoderm (liver and intestine) and irregularly shaped epidermis (formerly called 'atypical epidermis'). Blood cells and, in few cases, heart structures were the only mesodermal structures found in this series. The results suggest that an endodermal anlage is induced first. The differentiation of mesodermal derivatives depends on secondary cell interactions between endodermal induced and non-induced ectoderm. For this process permanent cell-to-cell contacts are necessary.

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