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J Virol Methods. 1981 Dec;3(5):251-60.

Role of virus strain in conventional and enhanced measles plaque neutralization test.


A low-passage Edmonston strain of measles virus gave on the average four-fold higher antibody titers than two high-passage strains of Edmonston virus when used in a virus plaque neutralization test. Heterologous anti-human immunoglobulin did not affect antibody titers obtained with the low-passage virus but enhanced antibody titers obtained with the high-passage viruses on the average eight-fold. These differences in virus sensitivity to neutralization and neutralization potentiation by anti-immunoglobulin were interpreted as being possibly due to differences in density or accessibility of the functional antigens of measles virus. The conventional plaque neutralization test utilizing the low-passage Edmonston virus was about 10 times more sensitive than the virus CPE-neutralization test, 60 times more sensitive than the measles hemagglutination-inhibition test and 220 times more sensitive than the measles complement-fixation antibody test.

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