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Acta Derm Venereol. 1977;57(5):445-7.

Photodynamic inactivation of verrucae vulgares. II.


Photodynamic inactivation therapy, consisting of a double-blind, paired comparison treatment schedule, was used in treating 56 patients for recalcitrant, symmetrical verrucae vulgares. 0.1% proflavine in 100% dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) and 0.1% neutral red in 100% DMSO were used as active dyes, and 1% picric acid in 100% DMSO and 1% color ruber in 100% DMSO and 1% color ruber in 100% DMSO served as corresponding placebos. A Westinghouse sunlamp and black light were used to irradiate the warts dyed with proflavine and its placebo, and the warts dyed with neutral red and its placebo were irradiated with an ordinary light bulb (Osram 588597). 50 patients completed the treatment. 10 of the 27 patients treated with proflavine and 10 of the 23 patients treated with neutral red were cured by the end of an 8 week period, with the warts disappearing simultaneously from the actively as well as the placebo-treated side. Complement fixing antibodies against wart virus were detected in one of the cured patients and 2 who were treatment failures.

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