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Peptides. 1981 Winter;2(4):467-77.

Identification, characterization and distribution of motilin immunoreactivity in the rat central nervous system.


Motilin-immunoreactivity was evaluated in rat brain using 15 different antisera and by combining gel filtration, high pressure gel filtration and reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography with radioimmunoassay. Gel filtration chromatography demonstrated a high molecular weight and low molecular weight form of immunoreactive motilin. The high molecular weight form predominated in brain while the low molecular weight peptide was the predominant form of duodenum. The low molecular weight immunoreactive motilin was indistinguishable from synthetic porcine motilin by gel filtration and high molecular weight gel filtration. Low molecular weight rat motilin could, however, be distinguished from synthetic porcine motilin by high pressure liquid chromatography and certain antisera. Immunological results suggest that the slight structural difference may be in the N-terminal portion of the molecule. Immunoreactivity was measured in grossly and microdissected regions of the rat brain. The peptide had quite a unique distribution as highest concentrations are observed in the cerebellum. High concentrations were also observed in hypothalamic nuclei. Particularly high concentrations were noted in the organum vasculosum lamina terminalis. Lowest motilin concentrations in the rat brain were in the pons and the medulla. The distribution of motilin in rat brain suggests that it may have roles in regulating both neuroendocrine and neurological processes.

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