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Biol Cybern. 1978 Dec 5;31(3):163-8.

On the correlation model: performance of a movement detecting neural element in the fly visual system.


The applicability of the basic principles of the correlation model to the description of the activity of a movement detecting neuron in the third optic ganglion of the fly's visual system has been investigated. This wide field neuron is supposed to sum the outputs of a large number of correlators (i.e. multiplying units followed by time averagers) that are distributed over almost the entire eye. The model describes and predicts the experimental results in a satisfactory way if a uniformly distributed system or correlators is assumed. The sampling base of the correlators in this system equals the interommatidial angles deltaphi. The half width of the spatial sensitivity distribution of the visual inputs of the correlators, deltarho, is equal to the half width of the retinula cells of the 1--6 system.

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