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Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 1981 Jan;3(1):61-73.

Cytogenetic analysis on eight human breast tumor cell lines: high frequencies of 1q, 11q and HeLa-like marker chromosomes.


The chromosomal constitution of 8 human breast tumor cell lines has been analyzed by conventional staining and G-banding methods. The stem line number was established in each case. In all cell lines, a large number of marker chromosomes have been identified. In addition to the 1q marker chromosome, previously reported to be present in several breast tumors from this laboratory, we also found marker chromosomes involving the 11q segment in all 8 cases, and markers resembling some of those found in the Hela cells in 6 out of 8 lines. It appears that the primary genetic (and cytogenetic) changes are specific for each type of target cell and are not shared by other neoplasms. Marker chromosomes found in different types of tumors may represent genetic changes associated with cancer progression, which may be the result of a multitude of genetic alterations.

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