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Behav Genet. 1981 Mar;11(2):103-14.

Estimating genetic correlations from inbred strains.


Genetic correlations measure the extent of pleiotropic effects of polygenes on pairs of characters or the closeness of linkage between sets of loci influencing the traits and held in allelic (gametic) disequilibrium. Their importance for research lies primarily in predicting correlated responses of one trait to selection based on values for another, and secondarily in analyzing the complex organization of biological systems. Genetic correlations appear to limit the rate and set the direction of multivariate evolution. In view of this, efficient methods for estimating genetic correlations may be essential for understanding the role of behavior in adaptation and for predicting behavioral change in evolution. In this paper we present methods for the estimation of genetic correlations from inbred strain comparisons. Estimates from inbred strains are relatively easy to obtain and appear to be valid when compared to those derived from more demanding parent-offspring comparisons and to correlated responses to selection.

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