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J Neurobiol. 1981 Jul;12(4):353-66.

Unique, identifiable local nonspiking interneurons in the locust mesothoracic ganglion.


The hypothesis that local nonspiking interneurons are unique and identifiable has been tested rigorously for a neuron in the mesothoracic ganglion of the locust. Neurons were physiologically characterized and subsequently stained with cobalt ions. The resulting preparations were examined in whole mounts and serial sections. It is concluded that at least three neurons are unique, based upon a combination of their function, gross morphology, and the location and size of their main processes relative to other neurons. It is strongly suggested that there are other local nonspiking interneurons that are unique and identifiable. A classification system for local nonspiking interneurons is proposed. The implications of this finding for future neuroethological studies are discussed.

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