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Gene. 1980 Dec;12(3-4):215-21.

Nucleotide sequence of human G gamma globin messenger RNA.


The nucleotide sequences of the entire coding portion and 3'-untranslated portion of the human G gamma globin mRNA have been determined by direct nucleotide sequence analysis of cloned human G gamma globin cDNAs. These nucleotides sequences have been compared to the previously published sequences of the human beta globin mRNA and A gamma globin mRNA. No differences were detected between the coding sequences of G gamma and A gamma globin mRNAs except for the expected difference at codon No. 136, but a number of differences were detected in the 3'-untranslated sequences of the two mRNAs. Codon usage of G gamma globin mRNA, although similar to that of the related beta globin mRNA, displays a few notable differences such as the use of UUG for leucine and GGA for glycine that are not utilized in beta globin mRNA.

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