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Cancer Lett. 1980 Nov;11(1):63-73.

Establishment of a cloned line of Lewis Lung Carcinoma cells adapted to cell culture.


A cloned line of cells adapted to culture has been isolated from the Lewis Lung Carcinoma and has been designated the Lewis lung carcinoma line 1 (LLC1). It grows as a monolayer culture in RPMI 1640 medium supplemented with 2% fetal calf serum with a plating efficiency of about 94% and a doubling time of 21 h. LLC1 cells remain highly tumorigenic in C57B1 mice and produce primary tumors and lung metastases histologically indistinguishable from the original tumor line. The doubling time for a subcutaneous tumor derived from LLC1 cells was 23 h for a tumor mass of about 0.1 g and 40 h for a tumor mass of about 1 g. The cell line forms discrete colonies on a plastic substrate and can be used in a focus assay to determine drug induced cytotoxicity. Results with a number of chemotherapeutic agents are reported; in general, sensitivity measured in vitro does not correspond with published reports of sensitivity of the Lewis Lung carcinoma in vivo.

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