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Oxygen deficit during incremental exercise.


The oxygen deficit and debt have conventionally been determined during exercise at constant work rates. During this study these were calculated during and after exercise at progressively incremented work rates. Five men performed two successive incremental exercise tests to exhaustion on an electronically braked cycle ergometer. The two tests were separated by a 5 min rest period. The oxygen deficit was defined as the sum of the minute differences between the measured oxygen uptake and the oxygen uptake occurring during steady state work at that same rate. The oxygen deficit was quantified for the work periods before and after the anaerobic threshold (AT) as determined from respiratory gas analysis (ATR). The measured deficit for the period before the ATR was smaller than the deficit measured in the same subjects during steady state work at low intensity (below the ATR) and was also less than the rapid component of the oxygen repayment as determined after the second incremental test. It was concluded that this test could be used for the determination of anaerobic capacity as represented by the total oxygen deficit (within motivational limits), but that the lactacid and alactacid components of the deficit could not be differentiated. A considerable portion of the alactacid component of the deficit was incurred after the onset of the ATR.

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