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Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 1982 Dec;2(4):296-307.

Amount and dietary sources of caffeine and saccharin intake by individuals ages 5 to 18 years.


A nationwide, 7-day food consumption survey was utilized to assess average daily consumption of saccharin and caffeine by individuals 5 to 18 years old. The total sample's average daily saccharin and caffeine intakes were 4.1 and 37.4 mg, respectively. Only 14% of the individuals consumed saccharin while 98% consumed caffeine. On days when these dietary components were consumed, average saccharin intake was 87.4 mg and average caffeine intake was 47.9 mg. In general, intake levels of both dietary components increased with increasing age. However, on a body weight basis (mg/kg) caffeine intakes did not increase with increasing age. When expressed as milligrams of caffeine intake per kilogram body weight per day, children 5 to 6 years old had significantly higher intakes (1.1 mg/kg/day) than 7 to 8 years olds. No other age differences were noted. Artificially sweetened carbonated beverages contributed the greatest number of milligrams of saccharin to total intake while tea, followed by carbonated beverages, made the most significant impact on caffeine consumption. Considerable variation was found for both saccharin and caffeine consumption levels among the sample members as well as for each individual during the 7 days surveyed.

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