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J Cell Biochem. 1982;20(4):409-16.

Lipolysis induction in adipocytes by a protein from tumor cells.


Extracts of thymic lymphoma that are obtained from AKR mice and are kept in the cold for at least several days can induce lipolytic activity in rat adipocyte suspensions. Freshly prepared extracts have low activity but contain a low molecular weight material of less than 10,000 daltons that aggregates on standing in the cold and becomes active. Treatment of aged extracts with trypsin causes a loss in activity indicating that the active material is a protein. It has been obtained in partially purified form, is relatively heat stable, and is not a lipase. Activity was also demonstrated in AKRXDBA/2 lymphoma (induced by AKR SL3-3 virus) and in transplanted lymphomas from a Friend-virus-induced erythroleukemia cell line in DBA/2 mice, but was not detected in normal thymus, spleen, liver, or other tissues. The partially purified material produced a massive fat mobilization when injected into normal mice.

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