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Am J Sports Med. 1982 Nov-Dec;10(6):340-2.

Evaluation of hamstring strength following use of semitendinosus and gracilis tendons to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament.


Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons combined with the appropriate extraarticular procedures has been performed by the authors in 482 cases. In 321 cases both the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons were used and in 161 the semitendinosus alone. This retrospective study was done to determine if the use of these two tendons resulted in any significant loss of hamstring strength. Evaluation of quadriceps strength was also done as a measure of postoperative rehabilitation. Fifty-one patients with an average follow-up time of 26.2 months were tested on the Cybex machine (Cybex Co., Ronkonkoma, New York) by two examiners using the same technique. The examiners had not participated in the surgery or rehabilitation of these patients. In the reconstructed knee in which both semitendinosus and gracilis were used, hamstring strength was found to average 99% compared to the normal knee. When the semitendinosus alone was used there was no difference (102%) from the normal knee. Quadriceps strength in both groups averaged 96% in comparison to the normal quadriceps. These results confirm that no significant loss of hamstring strength occurred when the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons were used to construct the anterior cruciate ligament. Further, quadriceps strength of 96% as compared to the normal knee indicated a very acceptable degree of postoperative rehabilitation in this series.

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