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Nature. 1982 Dec 23;300(5894):762-5.

Activation of the T24 bladder carcinoma transforming gene is linked to a single amino acid change.


Several different transforming genes have been observed in the DNA of a variety of tumours and tumour cell lines of human and rodent origin by the ability of these genes to induce morphological transformation in NIH 3T3 cells1-5. The transforming gene found in a human bladder carcinoma cell line, T24, is H-ras-1, the human homologue of the Harvey sarcoma virus oncogene (v-H-ras)6-9. In the present study we have compared the H-ras-1 genes cloned from T24 and normal human DNA. The H-ras-1 gene cloned from T24 DNA induces transformation in NIH 3T3 cells, while the same gene cloned from normal cellular DNA does not. The functionally significant difference between the transforming and normal genes appears to be a single base mutation, which produces an amino acid change in the sequence of the proteins that the genes encode.

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