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J Gen Microbiol. 1982 Sep;128(9):2121-31.

Plasmids in the genus Bifidobacterium.


A total of 1461 bacterial isolates, representing 24 different species of the genus Bifidobacterium, were examined for the presence of plasmid DNA. Approximately 20% of the isolates contained detectable plasmids, but only four species were presented: B. longum, the predominant bifid species in the human intestine; B. globosum, the most common in animals; and B. asteroides and B. indicum, species found exclusively in the intestines of western and asiatic honey bees, respectively. Multiple plasmids were common among isolates of B. longum and B. asteroides, while all plasmid-bearing isolates of B. globosum and 60% of B. indicum isolates contained only one plasmid each. Certain multiple plasma profiles were predominant among the B. longum and B. asteroides isolates.

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