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Diabetes Care. 1982 May-Jun;5(3):254-8.

Noninvasive glucose monitoring of the aqueous humor of the eye: Part I. Measurement of very small optical rotations.


We have described the concept of using the aqueous humor glucose as a measure of the blood glucose concentration, with a view to developing a noninvasive glucose monitor for diabetic individuals. We have conceived of a scleral lens that houses a light source, polarizers, other electro-optic units, and a light detector, and which measures the optical rotation of the aqueous humor continuously. We have built an optical bench mock-up of the glucose sensor and assessed the limits of its capabilities. We have described a physical method, employing the Faraday effect, that modulates the incident light and uses a compensator to introduce a feedback mechanism giving a null-point technique capable of measuring extremely small rotations with an accuracy of 0.4 s of arc. We have used this and have measured the optical rotations of glucose solutions from 0.02 to 0.1%, and have demonstrated linearity in both cases. Miniaturization of the technique is discussed.

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