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J Reticuloendothel Soc. 1982 Oct;32(4):311-21.

Functional evaluation of lung macrophages from cigarette smokers and nonsmokers.


The in vitro function of pulmonary alveolar macrophages (PAM) was compared for human smokers and nonsmokers. Initial studies demonstrated the feasibility of shipping lavaged cells on ice with storage up to 6 hr. Comparative studies were performed to evaluate ideal culture conditions including media composition, preincubation period, and phagocytic variables. Smokers had a six-fold enhancement in lavagable macrophages compared to nonsmokers. Macrophages from smokers demonstrated a decreased phagocytic capability compared to nonsmokers. The effects of cigarette smoking on phagocytosis were observed over a wide range of challenge periods using either fetal or newborn bovine serum (FBS or NBS). Regardless of smoking history, enhanced phagocytosis was observed with media containing NBS compared to FBS. No effects on in vitro viability, attachment, or adherence were observed.

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