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J Med Virol. 1982;10(3):181-93.

Isolation and characterization of Midway virus: a new tick-borne virus related to Nyamanini.


Midway virus, a new tick-borne virus isolated from two species of Ornithodoros (Alectorobius) ticks of the capensis group (O capensis, O denmarki), is described from Midway, Kure, and Manana islands in the Central Pacific (Hawaiian Archipelago) and from northern Honshu (Japan). Midway virion is enveloped, unusually large, acid and temperature sensitive, and its type of nucleic acid is RNA. Complement-fixation (CF) tests show a close relation of Midway to Nyamanini virus, which has been isolated from ardeid birds and Argas ticks in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeastern Asia. However, cross-box tests (CF, mouse and tissue culture neutralization, immunofluorescence) show that these two viruses are quite distinct. Midway virus is lethal for newborn Swiss mice inoculated by intracerebral, but not intraperitoneal route. It fails to kill four-week-old mice by either route. Midway virus causes cytopathic effects in BHK-21 cells and titerable plaques in Vero cells. Antibodies to it were prevalent among nestlings of Larus crassirostris (Black-tailed Gull) on Aomatsushima I., but were scarce among those of Nycticorax nycticorax (Black-crowned Night Heron) of the same island.

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