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J Mol Appl Genet. 1982;1(6):561-73.

Nopaline synthase: transcript mapping and DNA sequence.


The DNA sequence of the nopaline synthase gene (nos) from Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmid pTiT37 and adjacent regions up to the right border of the T-DNA was determined. The 5' and 3' termini of the polyadenylated nos mRNA, isolated from a T37 tobacco teratoma tumor line, were localized by S1 mapping. The final mRNA is unspliced, encoded by a region of about 1450 bp, and specifies an open reading frame of 413 amino acids. Potential transcriptional signals in the 5' flanking DNA, such as CATAAA ("TATA box") and GGTCACTAT ("CAT box"), bear close resemblance to other eukaryotic promoters. Two putative polyadenylation signals, AATAAA and AATAAT, are found about 135 and 50 bp from the 3' end, respectively. This study may provide information for the development of expression vectors for genes in plant cells; moreover, the structural gene can be used as an easy screenable marker.

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