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J Mol Appl Genet. 1982;1(6):539-46.

Multiple transcripts of T-DNA detected in nopaline crown gall tumors.


Crown gall plant tumors contain neoplastic cells transformed by incorporation of a foreign DNA element, T-DNA, derived from a large tumor-inducing plasmid in the inciting Agrobacterium strain. T-DNA is covalently joined to the nuclear DNA of the tumor cell, and RNA transcripts from T-DNA are present in polyadenylated form on polysomes. This paper presents a detailed analysis of those parts of T-DNA transcribed in a nopaline-type tobacco teratoma, BT37, whose T-DNA has been mapped and cloned. Northern blots of polyA+ RNA were probed with 21 different nick-translated T-DNA fragments, and at least 13 well-defined transcripts were visualized.

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