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Cell. 1982 Jul;29(3):913-9.

Induction of the synthesis of a 70,000 dalton mammalian heat shock protein by the adenovirus E1A gene product.


We have attempted to determine whether any cellular genes are activated as a result of the action of the adenoviral E1A gene. The proteins synthesized in uninfected HeLa cells have been compared to those produced in early adenovirus infected cells. At least one protein, absent from uninfected HeLa cells, was synthesized in large amounts following adenovirus infection. This 70 kd protein was not synthesized in cells infected with the E1A mutant dl312, even when the multiplicity of infection with the mutant was such that the only viral gene not expressed was the E1A gene. Thus the induction of the 70 kd protein requires the expression of the viral E1A gene. The 70 kd protein was also induced by heat shock in uninfected cells. The same 70 kd protein is synthesized in 293 cells, a line of human embryonic kidney cells transformed by a fragment of adenovirus DNA. These cells constitutively express the E1A and E1B genes.

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