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Can J Microbiol. 1982 Aug;28(8):916-21.

Bacteriophages of Halobacterium halobium: isolated from fermented fish sauce and primary characterization.


BActeriophages infecting extremely halophilic bacteria of the genus Halobacterium have been isolated from fermented anchovy sauce. Two distinct phages, designated Hh-1 and Hh-3, have been characterized. Both Hh-1 and Hh-3 are more tolerant of suspension in solutions of low ionic strength that their host bacteria. Both Hh-1 and Hh-3 have the ability to establish a carrier state upon infection of sensitive cells of H. halobium. Bacterial cells infected with phage in the carrier state are viable, produce phages, are immune to superinfection with homologous phages, yet remain fully capable of supporting heterologous phages. These properties suggest that the halophages are well adapted to survival in environments in which the salinity is subject to rapid changes of considerable magnitude.

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